THDMIDT HDMI→D-Terminal Video Converter


New product

Converts HDMI video output up to full HD to D terminal

Compatible with the output from D2 to D5

Converts audio to 3.5 mm stereo output

More info

Model no.THDMIDTJAN4533239032116

Input terminalHDMI
Output terminalD-Terminal
Audio output terminal3.5mm Stereo mini (analog)
Output resolution480i 60Hz, 480p/60Hz, 576i 60Hz,
576p 60Hz. 720p50/60Hz, 1080i50/60Hz,
1080p24/30/50/60Hz, 800x600/60Hz,
1024x768/60Hz, 1280x1024/60Hz

D2 (480p/60Hz), D3(1080i60Hz),
D4(720p60Hz), D5(1080p60Hz)
Product dimension130(Length)x85(Width)x26(Height)mm
Power consumption3W(Maximum)