TSCHDMI3 Video Converter《Discontinued》


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TEC TSCHDMI3 Video Converter Composite, L/R Audio, S-Video to HDMI

This converter converts composite signal, L/R audio signal and S-video signal to HDMI upscale to 1080p output, making the image more stable and vivid.

More info

This product outputs DVD player or game machine to TV with HDMI terminal.
It is adapter that converts S-video/CVBS(composite) to HDMI.
It upconverts up to 1080P Full HD image (converts analog image to HD image).
The input signal S-video/CVBS(composite) can switch.
It is driver-less design that can be used just by connecting.
It supports up to 1080P Full HD resolution (it is able to switch output 720P or 1080P).
You can set this anywhere thanks to lightweight and compact design.
It operates stabley with attached AC adapter.
It is smaller than our conventional products, and adopted steel housing considering heat dissipation!

Model numberTSCHDMI 3JAN4533239031652
Input terminal S-Video, CVBS (Composite), Audio L/R
Output terminalHDMI
Input resolution480i
Output resolution720P / 1080P
Power supplyAC Adapter
Body size73.4 × 73.45 × 21.8 mm
Body weight130 g
Power consumptionUp to 2.5 W
AccessoriesAC adapter, Japanese manual and warranty