TSCVGA2 Video Converter


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TEC TSCVGA2 Video Converter CVBS (Composite), S-video to VGA

Designed to make your A/V device use more convenient, more comfortable, more productive and more cost-efficient. This converter is designed to convert either CVBS (Composite) or S-video signals to VGA out.

More info

It is a upscan converter that converts composite or S-video input to VGA(D-sub15Pin) output.
It can output at any resolution with changeover switch.
Input source can switch to composite or S-video with the switch of main unit.
You can set this product anywhere thanks to compact design.
You can use this immediately after purchase since AC adapter is attached. (No need to prepare USB charger separately).
Output resolution is changed sequentially by pressing the switch button. 800x600/60HZ→ 800X600/75HZ→ 1024X768/60HZ→ 1024X768/75HZ→ 1280X1024/60HZ→ 1280X1024/75HZ→ 1600X1200/60HZ→ 1366X768 /60HZ→ 1600X900 /60HZ→ 1920X1080/60HZ→ 1440X900 /60HZ

It is possible to display VGA monitor or TV even devices with only composite output like security camera.

Model numberTSCVGA 2JAN4533239027433
VGA compatible resolution  800X600 / 60HZ, 800X600 / 75HZ, 1024X768 / 60HZ, 1024X768 / 75HZ, 1280X1024 / 60HZ, 1280X1024 / 75HZ, 1600X1200 / 60HZ, 1366X768 / 60HZ, 1600X900 / 60HZ, 1920X1080 / 60HZ, 1440X900 / 60HZ, 1680X1050 / 60HZ, 1920X1200 / 60 HZ
Input terminalComposite (CVBS) / S-Video (S-video)
Output terminalVGA (D-sub 15 pin)
Operating temperature0˚C to 50˚C
Storage humidity5% to 90% RH
Power supply5V AC Adapter
Body sizeApproximately 75 x 50 x 15 mm (excluding protrusions)
Body weightApproximately 45 g
AccessoriesAC adapter, Japanese manual and warranty