THDMIYP2 Video Converter


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TEC THDMIYP2 Video Converter HDMI to YPbPr (Component Video)

THDMIYP2 which can convert HDMI digital video audio signal to analog component signal and the FL / FR stereo audio signal, while support DVI system sideline signals. Help users convert the high quality of digital signal to analog signal. So that can play on CRT/LCD/LED monitor, HDTV or projector.

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It is a converter that converts HDMI output terminal to component and possible to display Blue-ray and game machine to a display(TV/PC monitor) with component terminal.
Although converters that convert HDMI output terminal to component were still used in many situations, there were a lot of problems that output display with component could not be done due to mismatch in resolution of input/output device, that was because input 1080i resolution of old monitor with component and 1080P output resolution of monitor was widespreaded.
"THDMIYP2" is equipped with a resolution exchanging switch that can convert 1080P to 1080i.
It overcomes such problems and is possible to use wide range of displays effectively.

Model numberTHDMIYP 2JAN4533239027235
Input terminalHDMI
Output terminalS-Video, Coaxial, AudioL/R
Input resolution480i / 60Hz, 480p / 60Hz, 576i / 60Hz, 576p / 60Hz, 720p50 / 60Hz, 1080i50 / 60Hz, 
1080p24 / 30/50 / 60Hz800x600 / 60Hz, 1024x768 / 60Hz, 1280x1024
Output resolution480 p / 60 Hz, 576 p / 60 Hz, 720 p 50/60 Hz, 1080 i 50/60 Hz, 1080 p 50/60 Hz
Power supplyAC Adapter
Body size130 x 85 x 26 mm (excluding projections)
Body weight105 g
AccessoriesAC adapter, Japanese manual and warranty card