TMB-4KS Lightweight and Ultra-small 4000 mAh Mobile Battery


New product

A mobile battery compatible with a maximum output of 2.1A with a capacity of 4000mAh.

You can fully charge a 2500mAh smartphone about 1.2 times.

The successor to the 4000mAh mobile battery TMB-4K model, which has been a best-seller for many years!

The body weight is 102g and the product size is 86x61x13.8mm, making it even easier to carry.

Equipped with high quality lithium polymer and chip, output suitable for the device.

The small size makes it ideal for going out and business trips.

More info

Mobile Power 4 Lightweight and ultra-small 4000mAh mobile battery

Uses high-quality lithium polymer with high safetyLightweight and thinpartsYou can charge various devices.

Model no.JAN

Dimension86 x 61 x 13.5 (mm) 
Weightapproximately 102g
Input Port1x MicroUSB
Output Port1x USB
Battery Type & CapacityA+ Li-Polymer / 4000mAh
InputDC:5V 2.1A(Max.)
OutputDC:5V 2.1A(Max.)
Package contents1x Mobile Battery, MicroUSB cable for charging, Instruction manual (Japanese) and warranty card
Warranty period6 months after purchase