Company Overview

Company Name       TEC CO.,LTD.※Osaka Approval Company of Administrative Innovation (From 2004)
EstablishedDecember, 1990
Business LineSales for retail and wholesale
Production of websites
Operation of e-commerce sites
PresidentHideki Kochiyama
Chief ProductsComputer peripherals
Shatterproof security film
Variety goods
Titanium accessories
Head Office6F Axis Shin-Osaka bldg. II 3-3-9 Nishinakajima,Yodogawa, Osaka-city 532-0011 Japan
Principal Business Partner「Direct Account Partners」(In No Particular Order)

Film,LED and System Division
West Japan Railway Technos CorporationWest Japan Railway Techsia Co.,Ltd.
Komatsu Logistics Corp.Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Kawasaki Machine Systems, Ltd.Maruma Technica Co.,Ltd.
Toyoda Tecnocraft Co.,Ltd.M-TEC Co.,Ltd. (Old name: Mugen Honda Co.,Ltd.)
Nissan Motorsports International Co.,Ltd.MK Company,Ltd.
Noppon Kanzai Co.,Ltd.Royal House
Infil Koubou (Haseko Corporation Group)

Wholesale Division
EDION CorporationJoshin Denki Co.,Ltd.
Raymayfujii CorporationSofmap Co.,Ltd.
UnitcomApplied Corporation
PCDepot CorporationDaiwabo Information System Co.,Ltd.
Otsuka CorporationZOA Corporation
Thirdwave CorporationThirdwave Exchange Corp.
Goodwill Co.Ltd.Intercomp Corporation
STEILAR C.K.M Co.,Ltd.Nuance-Watson (HK) Limited, Ltd.ValuMore Corporation
Misumi Group Inc.The LOFT Co.,Ltd.
Tokyu Hands Inc.Familiar Ltd.
Kyoto AnimationKoto Co.,Ltd.
Volks Inc.Hobby Base Yellow Submarine
Outline of Division

Film and System Division
“Shatterproof Security Film (The security film for JR)” is officially adopted for express trains named “Thunderbird”, “Shirasagi” and “Hakutaka.” This film is helpful to protect the safety of passengers and to make the traffic disturbance reduce. And “Shatterproof Security Film (SSP1218)” is also adopted for constructing machine of Komatsu Ltd. This film is used for reducing the work accidents. Congestion detector is made a test installation in “JR Nada Station” in order to avoid the accident of escalator. We are also concentrating the software development with group management functions on normal Digital Signage.
Wholesale Division
We are working on the handling of computer peripherals from the earliest days of the computer industry for consumers. Many computer stores across Japan have business relationship with our company. We are dealing with many unique goods, such as pen Mouse “V-Mouse” which received the Good Design Award for the second straight year. Recently we keep the heat on the sales. For example, we became the domestic agent of SSD( Solid State Drive) which is growing the demand recent years, We are releasing various other new products actively and trying to propose new products of overseas to our customers as soon as possible.
WEB Division
We are mainly developing the system to use the WEB, such as the member system for store manager of various events and the support system of actual operations. For example, we developed the real-time distribution system of wrestling match of Osaka-Prowres Corporation, which is including from credit payment system to looking and listening system of real-time wrestling. And we are operating the system, such as “Legal consultation on a monthly basis”, “City information guide by Internet” and “Internet Shop for Titanium accessories.”