Currently, our product EZRECLN is experiencing trouble not being able to capture content from iPhone devices upgraded to iOS 11.

Please make sure to check the link below for the details on how to update to firmware version 16285000, which will allow EZRECLN to be available on iOS 11.

EzRecLn Firmware Update Procedure (Japanese only)

* When updating, please downgrade to iOS 10 first and update the EZRECLN main unit firmware to version 16285000
Then please upgrade to iOS 11 and use it.

Regarding the firmware update method of the iOS 11 upgraded terminals, we are currently discussing it with the manufacturer.
We will show on this page as soon as we find out more details.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience to those who purchased our EZRECLN product.

Thank you for your consideration.

For inquiries regarding this matter:
TEC Co., Ltd. - Support
TEL: 06-06301-1771