Before updating, be sure to charge the body of the battery up to about 80%.
In addition, such as the recorded files, it will be carried out, so please backup your file as data loss may occur.
Data associated with the update operations, such as loss of the files are not covered by the warranty.

Update procedure

① Download the ZIP file from the following URL, in a PC/desktop, two of the firmware files that are stored (full_img.fex) (full_img.md5)
Please copy to SD card root folder (top level).

Insert the SD card containing the firmware file to ②RECORDMASTER.
From ② menu, select the menu button "Storage Selection" SD card of the RECORD MASTER.

③ to select the "firmware upgrade" in the menu the bottom of the screen, press the "OK".

④ It will start automatically, please wait until it is completed. (It will be completed in about 1 minute)
※ During the upgrade of the firmware, please do not perform any operation, such as on-off of the power of the body.
By any chance

⑤ Once the update is complete, restart the device.

The new firmware will be applied after the restart.