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"CarVi" Drive Recorder, front camera supports 1080P video recording and the rear camera supports 720P video recording This product has the WDR · G sensor, parking mode and auto overwrite recording functions. With a wide-angle 120° view in front and rear camera. It records the front and rear view simultaneously with separate recording video files! It has...
Wide angle 150° shooting Full HD Drive Recorder- Ultra compact and small type- Automatically starts recording at the engine start
2.4 inch Large Screen LCD with 1080P (Full HD) wide angle view 140° drive recorder
It is drive recorder that is equipped with 2.4inch LCD and is possible to record video, sound and still image. Lightweight (42g) and thin (1cm) model. It has cycle record and motion detecting function. It supports 2GB up to 32GB SD card (SDHC card).
It is a 720P HD drive recorder that is equipped with 2.3 inch large screen LCD and 120° high angle of view with full featured function and special price.
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