(Please make a copy of the recorded files in advance to secure it if in case you encounter a problem with the firmware update that might cause loss of data.
The warranty does not cover any loss of data or files associated with the update operation.)

Update procedure:

(1)After downloading the latest firmware from [Download latest firmware] at the bottom of the TADREC-S product page, decompress it on your desktop or other device and store the two firmware files (full_img.fex) (full_img Please copy .md5) to the root folder (top layer) of SD card and USB memory.

(2) Insert the SD card containing the firmware file into TADREC-S.
(2) From the menu, select the TADREC-S menu button "Storage selection" SD card.

(3) Select "Firmware upgrade" at the bottom of the menu screen and press "OK".

(4) After selecting "OK", the firmware update will start automatically, so please wait until it completes. (It will be completed in about 1 minute)
* During the firmware upgrade, do not perform any operations such as turning on / off the power of the main unit.

⑤ When the update is completed, restart the main unit.

The new firmware will be applied after the reboot.