Please charge the main unit battery up to 80% before updating. Also, please make a copy of the recorded files, etc., beforehand to prepare for the possibility of file loss. The data and file loss caused by the update operation is not covered by any guarantee.

This update is only possible on Windows OS.

Update procedure:

1. Download the latest version of the firmware from the "Latest firmware download" at the bottom of the TMREC-FHD3 product page, and after extracting it to the desktop, copy the firmware file stored to the root folder of the SD card (the top-most hierarchy).
2. Copy the extracted .img file to a USB memory or SD card.
3. Connect the USB memory or SD card with the firmware to the TMREC-FHD3, turn off the power, and restart it.
4. The firmware update confirmation will be displayed automatically, and the update will start automatically by confirming, so please wait until it is completed.