2020-10-05      4K60Hz HDR Compatible HDMI 1-Input & 2-Output Distribution with downscale function is now released「THDSP12X2-4K60S」
2020-08-28      HDMI 50M Extender Compatible with 4K60Hz HDR「TEHDMIEX50-4K60」
2020-06-17      4K 60Hz Compatible Capture Device that supports high-quality video distribution「TSMLIVE-4KPRO」
2020-03-16      Android Network Media Player - Supports up to 6K30p Playback「PLAY MASTER 6K」
2019-11-21      Drive recorder "CarVi" for front (1080p) & rear (720P) recording camera「TDB-FHDGX」
2019-08-23      USBPD / QC3.0 Compatible 10000mAh mobile battery「TMBPD-10K」
2019-07-17      4K 60Hz HDR HDMI 2.0 to 5 Input HDMI Switcher「THDSW51-4K60」
2019-07-17      4K 60Hz HDR HDMI 2.0 to 3 Input HDMI Switcher「THDSW31-4K60」
2019-07-09      Monitor mounted S terminal / RCA analog recording compatible recorder「TADREC-S」
2019-07-03      4K 60 Hz HDR HDMI 2.0 compatible Bi-Directional HDMI Switcher「THDSW2W-4K60」
2019-01-11       Ultra Small Mobile Battery with Capacity of 5000mAH TMB-5K Black / White【TMB-5K】
2018-12-10       Compact drive recorder equipped with WDR function & 1.5 inch LCD 【TDB-FHD】
2018-09-14       Microscope capable of magnifying observation by connecting with up to 8 iOS / Android devices 【HidemicronProX】
2018-08-16       HDMI recording device capable of storing enlarged images up to 230 times in high resolution【HidemicronFHD-REC】
2018-07-02       Portable Media Recorder with Built-in 3.5" LCD「RECORDMASTER」 【TMREC-FHD】
2018-04-27       HDMI capture unit compatible with UVC「Stream Master」【TSMLIVE-4K】
2018-03-30       USB portable headphone amplifier compatible with PC and Smartphone【TAUAD35-HR】
2018-03-26       Video converter that converts HDMI input to D terminal 【 THDMIDT 】
2018-02-06       60 Hz YUV 444 compatible distribute to 8 HDMI Display【 THDSP18-4KREAL 】
2018-01-22       Fingerprint Authentication Adapter compatible with Windows 10 【TE-FPA】
2018-01-09       qi-Compliant Wireless USB Charger compatible with 5W Output【TEACQI-BK】
2017-11-30       HDMI switching device with 2 input / 2 output HDMI distribution, capable of matrix type switching and supports 4K resolution【THD22MSP-4K】
2017-11-07       High-resolution adapter that enable earphone use while charging, iOS device compatible without earphone jack port【TLNC2D35-HR】
2017-10-04       Lithium Polymer cell mirror-finished front casing 6000mAh mobile battery【TMB-6KC】
2017-08-31       Full HD drive recorder with low price, 1080P full high vision, 2.4 large screen LCD 【TECDVRFHD-001】
2017-07-25       A wireless extension device capable of wirelessly transmitting HDMI signals up to 150 m for smartphones and tablets. By using VR mode for smartphone / tablet application, video viewing is also possible with VR goggles. 【TEHDWLEX 150-VR】
2017-03-24       Audio separator that separates HDMI audio to optical digital or analog【THDTOA-4K】
2017-03-24       Action camera that can record with 720P HD image quality and has 2.0 inch LCD.【TACAM720】
2017-03-15       10000mAh, large capacity power bank that is equipped with 2 ports, Type-C andmicroUSB. Stylish main body made with aluminum.【TMBQ3C-10K】
2017-03-25       Supporting 4K input. It's possible to record the capture of iPhone and iPad just connecting lightning cable. Recording at USB memory directly without PC. Capture box【EzRecLN】
2017-02-24       Distuributing 1 HDMi input to 2 HDMI output. Supporting 4K and 3D. HDMI distributor【THDSP12x2-4K】
2017-01-17       Getting smaller and adopting steel housing <Upscanning converter>Converting S-video/Composite to HDMI【TSCHDMI3】
2016-10-27       TeraGrand Premium HDMI cable【HD-WH1E】
2016-10-17       Android Media player【TMP905-4K】
2016-07-26       New series of "HDMI MATRIX SWITCH". 4 inputs and 4 outputs HDMI switcher that supports 4K(3840x2160)【THD44MSP-4K】
2016-07-20       Microscope that has 230 magnification, possible to connect with Wi-Fi and USB, and supports multiplatform【Hidemicronpro2】
2016-06-01       10cm lightning cable for power bank【TLGNG10CM-SL】【TLGNG10CM-GD】【TLGNG10CM-GR】【TLGNG10CM-RG】
2016-04-25       HD drive recorder that is equipped with a large LCD and enrich functions with low price【TECDVR720】
2016-02-26       ROMOSS power bank gets thinner【Polymos10Air】
2016-02-10       Digital microscope with HDMI output【HidemicronFHD】
2016-01-26       Action camera that is equipped with 2.0 inch large LCD and can record at 720P HD image quality【TECACAMHD】
2016-01-06       4000mAh thin power bank【TMB-4K】