New product

The length of cable are 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m, 3.0m

It is a premium HDMI cable that supports the newest format Ultra HD.
You can enjoy 4K60P full spec image by supporting 4K 60P 36/24bit.

More info

・This product corresponds to 18Gbps first transferring, and also supports the band of 10.2Gbps that is defined by existing 4K signal to the band of 18Gbps that can transfer high spec images like HDR.
・It realizes more realistic images with sharp contrast since it supports HDR that is a technology of high-quality image.
・It is possible to represent richer color because the cover rate of pointer color database is improved from 74.4% to 99.9% by supporting color gamut BT.2020.
・It is possible to enjoy high-quality image because it reduces invasion of noise from outside by EMI.
・It supports ethernet (Network connection) and also supports HEC(HDMI ethernet channel) that can be network correspond with 100mbps.
※Supporting ethernet channel is needed for both TV and connecting device.
・It supports ARC(Audio Return Channel) and can transfer sound from TV to AV amp with 1 HDMI cable.
※Connected AV equipment must support ARC.
※Supproting to transfer 4K 60P/4K HDR, 18Gbps is needed for both TV and connecting devices.

Supported device

Following devices that correspond to HDMI:
・Ultra HDBlue-ray supported equipment
・PC, game machine

Supported resolution

4K2K(4096×2160 pixel)
※Supported up to bandwidth 18Gbps. 

Model NumberCable LengthJAN
HD-WH1E-031.0 m4573405721581
HD-WH1E-051.5 m4573405721611
HD-WH1E-062.0 m4573405721598
HD-WH1E-103.0 m4573405721604

Product specification

Standard of HDMI
・Certification for Premium HDMI Cable has acquired.
・Supporting 4K/60p(36/24bit)
・Supporting HDR
・Supporting BT.2020
・HIGH SPEED with supporting ethernet
・Supporting ARC
・Supporting 3D image
・Supporting Deep color ・Supporting CEC(Base link function)
・Transfering speed 18Gbps
・Shape of connector Both side HDMI plug(Type A-19pin)

Accessories:HDMI cable only
Terms of warranty:12months