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By using this product, you can extend the HDMI output signal wirelessly up to a maximum of 150m. This allows you to use the HDMI output device in your home with a television located elsewhere, in a conference room, or with a projector for presentations.
1080P resolution can be extended up to 70m using a CAT6 LAN cable, and 4K30Hz video can be extended up to 40m for distribution. PoE support, expands the range of installation. This product is very suitable when displaying video on a monitor at a remote location.
An HDMI extender that can extend 4K60Hz HDR standard HDMI signals up to 50m.
The biggest feature of this product is that it can wirelessly transmit HDMI signals to televisions and projectors located up to 150m away. It features a transmission speed of 16 ms to prevent extreme delay and also supports video transmission to VR goggles and smartphone · tablets for the first time in similar products.In addition, you can also use...
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