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Supports HDMI input with 4K HDR resolution, also supports HDMI audio separator that outputs through pass-through, extracts audio to optical digital or analog output, and can be connected to such as amplifier or any correspondent device.
4K output Up conversion supports S terminal / composite output conversion adapter Converts Analog input video sharply to HDMI up scanning display
It is adaptor that converts HDMI input to analog composite and audio terminal. AC adaptor is not required, and power is supplied from the connected equipment. Also it supports miniUSB power supply as auxiliary power when power shortage.
Main functions and features ・The output is S/P-DIF and analog R/L signal. ・It can be added in the middle of wiring since there is HDMI output that outputs HDMI input as it is.・It also supports ARC(audio return channel), and can output audio signal that return from HDMI output terminal to optical output terminal.・It adopts steel housing considering heat...
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